Batmine: The next generation high-speed cryptocurrency mining

The importance of Blockchain technology has become more evident in recent years. With this technology, it is a very powerful system that can go through a simple financial transaction, go much further and perform complex operations. With the help of Blockchain systems, the application of deeper application development continues to open up various boundaries and opportunities. However, some of the existing factors hinder the activities of the crypto-currency through this block-chain technology. These factors include market volatility, rapid devaluation of wealth, and some accounts’ vulnerability to attacks. These current challenges require investors to ensure stability and provide adequate security to help protect investors’ wealth.

What is Batmine?

In addition to opening a mining platform that will be accessible to miners to assist the Miners ‘Mining Operations, Batmine also aims to increase the miners’ Activities with the ability to drive high-speed hash rates and mining operations even at lower electricity consumption. The Batmine project will be developed to reduce the financial burden by providing a comfortable environment with low-cost green energy costs and aims to host up to 10,000 miners depending on the funds it can collect for beginners. After the Batmine company was established, it will go a long way to encourage the mining activities that will increase the processing speed in the encryption process positively.


Before opening any mining focus, different variables will be taken into consideration, and there are important points to be considered before selecting an area under it. Because mining equipment does not have to deal with a hot area, a cool atmosphere is extremely important because it requires legitimate ventilation to avoid overheating.

  • A safe area that allows fast-paced reactions in the event of any crisis.
  • A well-organized building suitable for commercial mining.
  • Mod is a locale with modest and moderate power bills.
  • A sufficient, mostly green, energy supply at around 4 cents per Kwh.

Advantages of Investing in Batmine

Batmine investors will be associated with what Batmine would do to wind up and remain essentially profitable mining. Investors receive transferable investment contracts. For this reason, a few ICO who offered to share did not Route these arrangements in the light of “regulations”. Everything you think about, your offer with the guarantee of a joint venture, justifies a 10-year irreversible measure. moreover, you receive tokens for each enriched ETH, and they will be replaced with their services in such a way that they share in relation to the contract.


Token Information

Batmine will develop a coin with a BATM ticket. Batmine token will be used as a vehicle for payment by miners using batmine mining equipment and will be able to trade in the currency exchange of crypto. All forms of payment and bonuses will be paid by the batmine team to the miners in the ecosystem using the local indicator BATM.

  • Token name: BATMINE
  • Ticker: BATM
  • Network: Ethereum ERC-20
  • Soft cap: 1 million euro
  • Hard cap: 19 million euro
  • Accepted cryptocurrency for purchase: ETH

Token Distribution

  • TEAM: % 5
  • RESERVE: % 15
  • PRIVATE SALE: % 30
  • PUBLIC SALE: % 40

Funds Distribution

  • MARKETING: % 10
  • OPERATIONS: % 10
  • R & D: % 20

Road Map


As a result, I see this project as a solution to the challenges facing the blockchain mining industry to encourage mining materials and increase cryptocurrency processing speed. I suggest you read more and invest in this project through the links below.

Check any of the following links for further information about the project:






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